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Frequently Asked Questions

What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping is a popular business model used nowadays which allows aspiring entrepreneurs to start up a business with zero costs. Drop shipping businesses list and sell products in various places (i.e. own branded websites, marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy) then use a fulfilment partner like ourself to complete the order. This means that you do not have to commit to holding any stock or have to deal with any fulfilment issues / complications and only need to deal with what you do best, selling the products.

What do we offer?
We have been drop shipping for over 10 years across our company and provide what we think is a great service. DropShip Mall is a bespoke drop shipping platform that we've created solely for dropshippers and had a variety of features to enable you to place orders faster and easier, cutting down on administration work. We are also improve these features all the time so we value feedback on how we can improve. Once you are logged in you can get a full list of our products for you to list as well as stock updates. You can then place the orders online with saved payment preferences and get full traceability of your completed orders.

How do your prices work?
Each product has its own price and then we charge a set fee for delivery depending on the type of product (i.e. fragile or large items costs more) and where you are sending it to (i.e. internationally etc). We show this on each product page and on the delivery page. We also offer discounts if you account reaches certain spend levels each month so you benefit from your increased business.